Travel expenses provided by WSD:

  • Transport to the location at which the service is provided, respectively Germany, will be handled by our company. This will be accomplished via bus or plane, on a case-by-case basis. Departures will take place every 2 weeks, usually on Thursday.

Receiving equipment upon departure:

  • Equipment will be offered by our company and will consist of boots, in accordance with each wearer’s shoe size, protective goggles, protective gloves, work helmet.

Receiving advances upon departure

  • Employees can request an advance in euro, which will be deducted at a later time from their salary for the corresponding month.

Performance bonuses

  • Each month, funds will be allocated for the rewarding of driver performance. These will consist of bonuses, in euro, depending on each employee’s experience, courtesy in dealing with collaborators, professionalism in the handling of their responsibilities.

Medical coverage for the entire family

  • This section is handled by our partnership with the HyperClinic MedLife through various types of subscriptions offered to our employees, as well as their families. More details here.

Economic benefits

  • Cooperation with one of the most important banks on the Romanian market, Raiffeisen Bank. This collaboration works towards a better coordination of the company’s, as well as our employees economic activities.
    As per the above, we offer a wide range of benefits which can be utilised by all WSD Capacity employees. More details here.

Thank you!