Guide-career advice:

Preparing for the interview:

Inform yourself about the job itself, as well as the Company! Research the industry in which the company operates, its history, organizational culture, portfolio, market share, competition, etc. , any news related to said Company. Try to find out as many details as possible regarding the position you’re applying for. The more information you obtain about the employer, the easier it will be during the interview to demonstrate your interest towards the Company. Think of a few questions to ask at the end of the interview.

Print a copy of your resume and of your letter of intent to have them at hand at the interview, even if it was not asked of you. Find out early on what the Company’s address is and how you can best travel there.

How to draft a letter of intent:

The letter of intent represents a document that is annexed to your Resume in which the intent and desire to fill a position within a certain company, as well as the intent to schedule an employment interview in which the candidate can further detail their competencies and strengths that the employer is looking for, towards maximizing the company’s activity.

The letter of intent is addressed to a person in the company in a personalized manner and details information regarding the candidate’s professional experience and skills.

The highlighting of one’s professional accomplishments is very important, as well as any previous position in which you have stood out and obtained the best results. There will be no mention of age, religion or marital status.