Tarpaulin truck:

Mega trucks, with tarpaulin
Used for bulky cargo in particular, or cargo of large proportions.
Characteristics (differ depending on manufacturer):

  • Depending on the type of tarpaulin, loading can be done from above, laterally or through the back of the truck;
  • Loading capacity is up to 24 tons
  • Approximate size of the semitrailer: 13.6 x 2.45 x 2.90 (W x l x H), height can reach up to 3.1 m
  • Approximate volume 96-100 mc

Container truck with a platform:

The container is the detachable part of the vehicle (cars, trucks) which is adapted for mechanized loading, unloading and lateral transfer from one module to the other;
Standard dimensions 2,59 height;
H- 2,90m with the added notation HC-Height-Cube or HQ-High Quantity.
Each container has its own license plate, comprised of four capital letters.

Refrigerated truck:

Products that require controlled temperature present a high degree of perishability.

Loading capacity:

  • Light lorry – approximate size: 6 x 2.4 x 2.4 – L x l x H, loading capacity up to 3.5 tons
  • Trucks – approximate size: 13.6 x 2.4 x 2.7, loading capacity up to 23 tons

Types of vehicles::

  • Trucks with controlled temperature (the interior temperature cam be set between -20 grade and +12 degrees Celsius depending on the type of truck)
  • Refrigerated trucks / frigo / refrigerator – allow a decrease of inside temperature and keeping set temperature constantly;
  • Trucks with heating systems (allow an increase of inside temperature and maintaining it for 12 hours at the least, at a temperature constant of minimum +12 C.